[1]Added by AK-28Weapons are at the forefront of every Grand Theft Auto game, and Grand Theft Auto V is no different.

Weapon Stats and SelectionEdit

Added by SuperbowserXAs seen in this picture to the right taken from the 3:14 mark of the gameplay video, the way the player changes weapons is switched. In this new screen, stats of the weapon are displayed to the player; these have be

en confirmed to be customizable, though how they become so is unknown. The stats shown in the selection screen include Damage (which would likely be how much damage the bullets do), Fire Rate (how fast the weapon would be able to fire rounds), Accuracy (how on-target or not the weapon is) and Range (how far the round can go and do damage). Also, in this photo, you can see the words Extended Clip & Grip on the rifle. Also, players can now have more than one weapon in the same slot.

Weapon's noise rangeEdit

Each time the player fires the gun, the radar will show a red circle as weapon's noise. If any threat is within the red circle, they will be alerted by the player, and if a cop is within the noise range, the player may gain a wanted level.


Rockstar Games confimed in the GI cover story that the Melee Combat in GTA V is "better than we had in the past." How far they can push it is depending on the "resources Rockstar allocate to it." But Rockstar also stated that even though the Melee Combat won't be as big of a deal as shooting (with the way they make the game), it will still be "really strong and fun," stated by Houser Dan Houser.


The Fist has appeared in all Grand Theft Auto games, it mainly represents the unarmed state of the player.

Baseball BatEdit

The Baseball Bat is a melee weapon in GTA V.


The Knife is a melee weapon in GTA V.


Nightstick is a melee weapon in GTA V.


The Hammer is available to those who have the special and collector's edition.

[2]WrenchEditThe Wrench can be used during a torture sequence.


The Crowbar is a melee weapon in GTA V.

Golf ClubEditEdit

The Golf Club is a melee weapon in GTA V.



The Pistol is a weapon in GTA V.

Combat PistolEditEdit

The Combat Pistol is a weapon in GTA V.

AP PistolEditEdit

The AP Pistol is a fully automatic pistol in GTA V.

Stun GunEditEdit

The Stun Gun is a semi-lethal weapon in GTA V.

Pistol .50EditEdit

The Pistol .50 is available to anyone who has the special and collector's edition.

Sub-Machine GunsEditEdit

Micro SMGEditEdit

[3]The Micro SMG in GTA V.Added by Mikey KlebbitzThe Micro SMG is a Sub Machine Gun in GTA V.


The SMG is a Submachine Gun in GTA V.

Assault SMGEditEdit

The Assault SMG makes an appearence as an unlockable[4]The Assault SMG in GTA V.Added by Josio18weapon for Rockstar Social Club members.==ShotgunsEdit==

Pump ShotgunEditEdit

[5]Added by Ja MaThe Pump Shotgun is a weapon in GTA V.

Sawed-off ShotgunEditEdit

[6]Added by James1579The Sawn-off Shotgun is a pump action shotgun in GTA V.===Assault ShotgunEdit=== The Assault Shotgun is a fully automatic shotgun in GTA V[7]Assault ShotgunAdded by Themanclaw.===Bullpup ShotgunEdit=== The Bullpup Shotgun is a pump action shotgun available to those who have the Special and Collector's edition. It will be available to download for those who bought the normal edition.

Assault RiflesEditEdit

Assault RifleEditEdit

[8]The iconic Assault Rifle appears in the GTA V, consisting of a different model. The AK appears to be based on the Norinco Type 56-2, a Chinese AK-47 clone.

Carbine RifleEditEdit

The Carbine Rifle is an Assault Rifle in GTA V. It appears to be based on theDaniel Defense DDM4V7 10.5" .

Advanced RifleEditEdit

The Advanced Rifle is a bullpup assault rifle in GTA V. This weapon resembles the Israeli Bullpup rifle IMI Tavor TAR-21.

Light Machine GunsEditEdit


The MG is a Light Machine Gun in GTA V.

Combat MGEditEdit

The Advanced MG is a Light Machine Gun in GTA V.

Sniper RiflesEditEdit

Sniper RifleEditEdit

[9]Artwork of Trevor Phillips on a Quad hold a scoped rifle.Added by Mr.MilesThe Sniper Rifle is a bolt action sniper rifle in GTA V.===Heavy SniperEdit=== The Heavy Sniper is a bolt action sniper rifle in GTA V.

Heavy WeaponsEditEdit


The RPG is an explosive weapon in GTA V.

Grenade LauncherEditEdit

[10]Michael with a Grenade Launcher.Added by InstulentThe Grenade Launcher is an explosive weapon in GTA V.===MinigunEdit=== [11]Added by Dodo8The Minigun is a weapon in GTA V.


Sticky BombsEditEdit

Sticky Bombs are thrown weapons in GTA V.


Grenades are thrown weapons in GTA V.

Tear GasEditEdit

Tear Gas is a thrown weapon in GTA V.

Molotov CocktailEditEdit

Molotov Cocktail is a thrown weapon in GTA V.



The Parachute is a returning weapon in GTA V.

Jerry CanEditEdit

Gas Canisters can be used to douse objects in Gasoline and shot to ignite it.


Binoculars are used during certain missions in GTA V.

Weapon customization and attachmentsEditEdit


The purpose of a suppressor is to dampen gunshots and hide the flash.


The Scope is a weapon attachment in GTA V. It grants limited zoom capability to some weapons.

Extended MagEditEdit

The Extended Mag is a weapon attachment in GTA V. It increases the ammo capacity of magazine-fed weapons.


The Grip is a weapon attachment in GTA V. It increases the accuracy of weapons it is attached to.


The Flashlight is a weapon attachment in GTA V. It projects a beam of light making it easier to see enemies in poorly lit areas.

Advanced ScopeEditEdit

The Advanced Scope is a weapon attachment for Sniper Rifles in GTA V. It has a greater zoom range than the standard sniper rifle scope. It can also work as a thermal scope during certain missions in the game.