For the mission in GTA San Andreas, see Reuniting the Families.

Reuniting the Family


Jimmy , TracyMichael and Amanda talking about their family problems at Dr.Isiah Friedlander's office.

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Michael
Location: Michael's mansion

The Bean Machine Isiah Friedlander' office.

Conditions of mission failure: Wasted


Reward: None
Unlocks: Architect's Plans

Reuniting the Family is a mission in GTA V. Michael must now reunite the de Santas.


When Michael is watching TV in his mansionJimmyappears and apologizes for spiking the drink he gave him. Jimmy also says that Amanda is having sex with Fabien 18 hours a day and starts getting tired about it. Motivated, Michael decides to reunite his family. The father and son drive to the nearby Bean Machine, where the mother and the yoga instructor are. Fabien agitates Michael enough for him to grab a FruitBook laptop and smash the yoga instructir's face with it. Next they go to the tattoo parlor, where Tracey De Santa begs Lazlow Jones for her to reappear in Fame or Shame for her to blow him. Upon hearing this Michael rushes into the shop and harms Lazlow with a tattoo gun (including drawing a cartoony male genitalia on the TV host's chest). Later Michael drives his kids to Dr Friedlander's house, where Amanda is waiting, for "therapy". The couple quarrel while their kids apathetically tend to their business in front of the Vinewood therapist. After the therapy, the family goes home together.

Mission objectivesEdit

Go to Bean Machine.

Go to the tattoo parlor.

Go to Dr. Friedlander's office.

Go back to Michael's house.


The mission name is a reference to the mission from GTA San Andreas "Reuniting the Families".